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Demand Plan to End Gun Violence (follow the link x)

Wait, are there any they named there that weren’t ‘gun free zones’? These folks can kiss my ass. 

Typical rich anti gunners telling working class people how to live.

Columbine: Occurred during the 1994-2004 Clinton Assault Weapons ban, and one of the shooters used a ‘assault weapon’ TEC-9 pistol that was illegal under the act.

Virginia Tech: Occurred in a gun-free zone. In fact, it was one of very few Virginia colleges to enforce a no-guns on campus rule.

Aurora: The shooter picked out the only gun-free-zone theater in the city.

Fort Hood: Military personnel are not allowed to carry weapons on base unless given permission by the base’s commander. Only an armed police officer ended up stopping the shooter.

Newtown: Gun free zone. Again. With three stolen weapons, in a state with an assault weapons ban, registration system, and magazine limits.

And you know what gets me? All these fuckers have armed guards. Armed. Guards. Yet they’re willing to deny the average, working class populace the ability to defend themselves. They live in gated communities where they don’t experience crime. They don’t understand the need for semi-auto rifles, pistols, or shotguns because they think that the rest of the world is like their safe little mansions in Southern California and New York. They think that somehow, the Police are 100% effective. They believe that if us peasants don’t need weapons, because of course, they don’t own guns, and nobody hurts them - therefor, if everyone was like them, nobody would get hurt!

These rich, disillusioned assholes think that we should be disarmed. They have this notion that screams “Well, I have armed guards, or live in gated communities, or live with multi-thousand dollar security systems, or have all three. And because we can’t afford these other methods, we should go without protection.” We can’t be trusted to defend ourselves, because we’re not enlightened Hollywood types.

When you give up your fancy fucking security systems and start living like the rest of us, then I’ll honor your opinion. Until then, shut your aristocratic mouths.

Cops routinely hurt people I love. I trust my AK more than I trust any cop. I’ll keep it, thanks.

Please don’t include Southern California into it. Hollywood may be down here, but Hollywood is only so little, and they do not represent us. We here in the I.E., O.C., and most other places of L.A.C., very much love and NEED our second amendment rights.

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Iron Man Transforms Sailor Moon-Style

Shellhead vs. Meatball Head

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I’m so glad to see the younger generation waking up to this hypocrisy. 

The homeowner at 22 one is killing me.


This meme makes me so angry because it’s so on-target.

I am screaming

Seriously, FUCK you baby boomers.

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this is still my favourite picture on the internet


this is still my favourite picture on the internet

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Female Fantasy III

I have known so many assholes like these two pricks right here


I don’t give a single fuck whether you’re a girl gamer or dude gamer. If you sound like you know your shit, i’m interested and we should totally play. Shit, one of the best King of Fighters players I know is woman, and she kicks my ass every time. Mad respect.

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imagine if one day jesus and his disciples were eating bread and wine and shit and jesus didn’t even use a fork and peter was just like “dude were you born in a barn”

and jesus just

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how do you tell a girl politely you want to push her against a wall and make out with her

one wishes to reposition you unto the nearest structure and acquaint our faces in a feverish manner

that was beautiful

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A young father lays his newborn son down to sleep. He leans over the crib gate and kisses his forehead. As he’s leaving the room he turns around, swelling with pride, and whispers

“No homo…”

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